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Morning walker, boost your health

Did you know that almost everything around us is health hazardous? The food we eat, the industrial emissions, which pollute the water we use and the air we breathe, exposure to dangerous radiations, drugs with side effects just but to mention. To overcome this, our body needs regular exercise. Aerobic exercise is capable of maintaining efficient blood circulation and metabolic activities that result into a good health.

Morning walker is a health machine used for aerobic exercise. Its design gives you wonderful health benefits. Spending 15 minutes on the machine is equivalent to taking 10000 steps on bare land. You do not need specialized education or experience to use it. You can use it at a place of your choice since it is highly portable. The whole family members irrespective of age can use morning walker. The designer borrowed a lot from the principals of the gold fish
Basic Walker Model


The exercise assures you of strong joints and bones resulting into efficient blood circulation. Rheumatism, paralysis and the pain of arthritis are common conditions for people who do not do enough exercise. Morning walker shall facilitate efficient blood supply to your bone and joints giving you maximum protection from the manifestation of the aliments.

-Morning walker eliminates muscle fatigue. Fatigue is caused by overworking our body muscles. Morning walker shall boost the metabolic activities in your body giving you relieve you ultimately need.

-It supports the functioning of internal body organs. Did you know that lack of proper exercise can enhance peristalsis, constipation and vulnerability of your organs to disease? Using morning walker shall massage your the organs and keep them safe.

-Sufficient exercise with morning walker shall create a balance of your automatic nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for the metabolic processes in our body. If not balanced, you will experience nervousness and unnecessary anxiety. Proper metabolism is essential for a good health you therefore have a reason to try morning walker.

-The blood carries oxygen in the red blood cells. Aerobic exercise ensures efficient blood flow in our body hence transportation of oxygen to all needy tissues and the peripheral nerves. With morning walker, you will surely have a better breathing capacity.

-The spinal column forms the basic support base of our bodies. It therefore needs to be strong. A week vertebra column shall see you experiencing back pain, trauma, and scoliosis among other complications. You need proper exercise for a strong spinal column for good health. You can draw from the morning walker that benefit. It offers you trunk- twisting exercise giving your spinal cord the strength it needs to support your otherwise heavy body.



Morning walker ensures adequate supply of oxygen to our body organs tissue and cells. You will notice a sense of well being after the exercise. It does not consume energy hence you will not feel tired after the exercise. Body stress is unheard of with morning walker. Due to better oxygen supply, you will realize:

· - Efficient and strong immunity

· -Proper sleep

· -Lack of unnecessary anxiety, headache and fatigue

· -Strong breath capacity

-You may experience dizziness in the first sessions with morning walker. This may imply the restoration of a healthy circulation. If the symptom persists, you should see a physician fro help. This may be due to anemia or high blood pressure. It is advisable to stop the programme until you are well. 

-You may experience bad breath and thirst after the exercise. This means the process of lymph stagnation and removal of waste is taking place. You should enhance it by taking enough water.

How to use.

It has a manual. It consumes about 50 watts hence very economical. It can stop automatically with the automatic timer. This makes it easy to be used by anyone in the family. All you have to do is place it on a flat hard surface, connect it to a power source and lie on the machine on your back. Set the timer and there you go. The benefits are easy to notice given your consistency. Do not relent, have frequent sessions for better results.

Recommended for:

· - It can be used by both men and women without age limits

· -Certain patients

· -Kids over 6 years

· -Those who are paralyzed (with advice from a physician).

Women who are pregnant, patients on pacemaker, those who have undergone surgery recently, and patient with bone injury should not use it.

Remember to;

Take enough water after the exercise.

Wear comfortable clothing and cover yourself well to avoid colds during the sessions.


-Do not use for more than 15 minutes at a time.

-Children should be supported by adults.

- Avoid using it after a meal or when drunk.

- stop if you feel dizzy.

-remain still while the equipment is in use.

-disconnect from the power source after use.

What are you waiting for? Get your device today and add a smile to your loved ones.

Happy Customer

"Its amazing I have loose 20 kg in 2 months and now my mom and dad is very Happy that I had lose such kilo's weight. Thank you so much Walker. I really recommend every body to Infrared walker & get but." 
Ranveet Kaur,Delhi

"My friends used to tease me because of my excessive body weight. I tried different products but nothing worked this much on me. Then my cousin get me morning walker ad it just changed my life. I now look much beautiful, slimmer and smart. 

A.k.Sharma, Chandigarh

" Morning walker is really an impressive product. I am using it from past few days and it is really very fabulous. I have reduced about 5 kgs of my weight and it feels just amazing. 

S.Oberio, Manipur


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